The Swiss Gramona Amuse Competition 2024

Smith & Smith and Gramona invite you to take part in the 6th Amuse Contest Switzerland. The competition evolves around creating an Amuse-Bouche and perfectly pairing it with this year’s Amuse wine Gramona Innoble.
Our renowned jury is going to decide on the winner teams.

Our task 2024:

This year’s theme revolves around “forever” foods.

Chefs have been relying on home-made conserved ingredients for centuries as those kinds of food guarantee excellence through their consistency.

Long ripened cheeses, carefully cured charcuterie, pickled vegetables, smoked fish, dried fruit, patiently prepared sourdough bread, grandmother’s slow-cooked jam: just like a “reserve perpetual” those types of food are made over long periods of time and require patience and high quality base products.

Wine producers hold large stocks of reserve wine which can be used when individual harvests are weak or lacking in some element. Just as those base wines ensure consistent qualities in wine, preserved foods can help chefs to refine their dishes. We invite you to play with the idea of preserved food to create your Amuse and pair it with our Innoble Reserve Perpetuelle.

Now it is your turn:

Chefs, wine enthusiasts, sommeliersand newbies: This is your chance, sign up as a team and convince our jury of your Amuse-Bouche.



1.- Register between the 2nd of April and 4th of September for the 6th Amuse Contest Switzerland.

  • Chef and wine enthusiast can only register as a team.
  • Only one registration per company (restaurant, hotel, caterer) will be accepted.
  • The company must be in Switzerland.
  • Applications from individuals or freelancers cannot be accepted.
  • Choose if you would like to take part in the online voting.

2.- Receive a bottle of Gramona Innoble and create the perfect Amuse Bouche

  • You are going to receive a message with all the info on photos and descriptions of your Amuse-Bouche.

3.- Send us a high-res-photo, a five-sentence description and the recipe of your Amuse-Bouche until 15th September 2024. 

  • Tell the jury about the ingredients you used, how you prepared your Amuse and the ingredients you used.
  • The presentation (plates, glassware, cutlery) can be chosen freely.
  • If we do not receive photos or descriptions of your Amuse-Bouche, the received wine will be billed to the restaurant.
  • Please do not send in starters or main dishes. Only Amuse-Bouches will be accepted.
  • All Amuse-Bouches will be presented to the jury. Nine teams will qualify for the finale on the basis of their submitted photos, description and recipe.
  • If you decide to take part in the online voting, your Amuse-Bouches are going to be published on this website anonymously. That means, the earlier you submit, the higher your chances are to gain points in the online voting. The public voting will be online from the 5th of August until the 3rd of October 2024. The online voting’s winner will move straight on to this year’s finale.
  • The ten finalists are being announced at the beginning of October.


The finale takes place on the 20th of October 2024 at the Schweizerischen Hotelfachschule Luzern statt.

  • The ten finalists prepare and present their Amuse-Bouches and Gramona Innoble live on site to the jury.
  • The jury ratest he Amuse-Bouches regarding taste, texture, presentation, originality and pairing.
  • The winner team that is going to *** Disfrutar in Barcelona is announced on the day.
  • All teams are invited for an aperó after the main event.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Smith & Smith Wine Company

Babette Malsch

+41 44 515 55 99