The Swiss Gramona Amuse Competition 2022

Smith and Smith and Gramona invite you to the 4th Swiss Gramona Amuse Contest. The contest focuses on the creation of an Amuse-Bouche that can be combined with one of three Gramona wines (Corpinnat Brut “La Cuvee”, Corpinnat Brut “Imperial”, Corpinnat Brut Nature “III Lustros”). A jury consisting of renowned chefs and sommeliers from Switzerland will judge the creations.

This year’s contest is about “Zero Waste”:

What happens to our coffee grounds? Can’t we create new things out of vegetable waste? And why not make crisps out of salmon skin? This year we are all about Zero Waste: Everything that is usually thrown away will be this year’s shining star at the Gramona Amuse Contest 2022. From nose to tail, from leaf to root – you know where we are going. This time it is not about the fillet piece or the carrots – this time we are going all the way. There are no limits to your creativity!

You are invited to select one of three Gramona wines – Corpinnat Brut “La Cuvee”, Corpinnat Brut “Imperial”, Corpinnat Brut Nature “III Lustros”. It is up to you to decide which Gramona wine pairs best with the Amuse-Bouche.

Only catering companies in Switzerland such as restaurants, hotels, and food service companies can participate. Registrations from individuals and freelancers are not considered. Only one application per company will be accepted.



1.- Register for the contest between 1 April and September 4, 2022.

  • Chef and a wine enthusiast can register as a team only
  • One registration per catering company (restaurant, hotel, food service company) is accepted
  • The company must be located in Switzerland
  • Choose if you want to take part in the public online voting or want to be selected by the expert jury only


2.- Receive three free bottles of Gramona Corpinnat Brut “La Cuvee”, Corpinnat Brut “Imperial”, Corpinnat Brut Nature “III Lustros” to taste them and create an Amuse-Bouche that matches perfectly with one of the three wines.


3.- Send us a comprehensive description, a high-res photo and the recipe of your creation until September 25, 2022. You will receive instructions on how to submit the photo, description and recipe.

  • The expert jury must understand which ingredients and techniques have been used.
  • You are free to choose dishes (plate, glass, spoon) and ingredients
  • If no description, photo and recipe is received, the wines you receive will be charged.
  • Please do not submit starters or main dishes. Only Amuse-Bouche will be accepted.
  • From the entries, the jury/public will select 9 Amuse-Bouches for the final. The creations will be presented to them anonymously. They decide based on the submitted photo, recipe and description.
  • If you have chosen to take part in the public online voting, your Amuse-Bouche will be presented anonymously for the voting on this website.
  • The public online voting is open form 1 July to 02 October 2022. One finalist will be selected by the public.


The finalists will be announced at the beginning of October. They are invited to recreate and present their Amuse-Bouche on Sunday, 23 October 2022 at the final competition.



The final competition and gala takes place at the Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern on 23 October 2022.

  • The 10 finalists will be invited to recreate and present their amuse to the professional jury.
  • The amuse must be presented by the chef and the wine enthusiast.
  • After tasting the creations, the jury decides on the winner. The jury judges the Amuse-Bouche on taste, texture, presentation, originality and most importantly, the combination with the selected Gramona wine.
  • The winner will be announced before all participants are invited to attend the Aperó.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Smith & Smith Wine Company

Babette Malsch

T +41 44 515 55 99